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DONIC BlueGrip S2

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DONIC BlueGrip S2 се препоръчва за атакуващи играчи. Гума за тенис на маса от ново поколение - комбинация от лепкава гумена повърхност и средна твърдост на гъбата. Осигурява страхотен контрол, завъртане и катапулт. 

Скороста също е подобрена. Ударите са с високо качество. Може да се комбинира с дървета ALL, OFF, OFF- OFF+

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Recommended for attackers who play with control. Allrounders as well as defenders who aim for a spinny and varied game.
Extremely grippy and easy to control, enabling accurate attacking strokes with sufficient speed.

Technology: Dynamic, medium soft and medium pored sponge, sticky top sheet

DONIC BlueGrip S2 - The fusion of two classics
The best of two worlds in one rubber: A sticky Chinese-style top sheet combined with a powerful sponge with strong catapult effect.
Now DONIC has taken this development even further and has added a new, softer version to the BLUEGRIP series.

Two successful products combined in one rubber. BLUEGRIP S2 combines the characteristics of topseller DONIC ACUDA S2’s soft controlled sponge with a grippy top surface rubber, in the manner of Chinese rubbers. This results in a grippy top surface rubber, giving a distinct advantage in the service and return game. The high quality of the sponge offers outstanding control.


spin | 11


speed | 9+


control | 7


surface | spin-elastic


hardness | medium


characteristics |AR+ OFF, OFF-


Donic-Technology | FD3 Technology


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