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DONIC Bluefire JP02

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Нападателна гума за тенис на маса Donic Bluefire JP02. Гума със страхотен контрол и усет.


Препоръчва се за играчи, които търсят добре балансирана гума между скорост, въртене и контрол.


Твърдост на гъбата 45°

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Offensive and power allround players looking for a balanced rubber.
Perfectly coordinated mix of spin, speed and control. Excellent feel and forgiving.
Technology: Very grippy and elastic topsheet on a medium-hard, openpore, 45° sponge.


This is a special type of pimpled rubber combined with the tried-and-tested, dynamic sponge but with a somewhat finer-pored texture. This gives the JP rubbers a sensational feel with maximum catapult and an extremely high ball arc. The incredibly grippy and rigid yet elastic topsheet enables incredible
spin, especially for topspin strokes, along with excellent control.



spin | 10++


speed | 10


control | 7-


surface | sticky-elastic


hardness | medium-


characteristics | AR+, OFF, OFF-


Donic-Technology | FD3 Technology

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